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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"I can't think of any sorrow a hot bath wouldn't help, just a little bit"
- Susan Glasee

  • Dessert for the tub: Our sweet cupcake confection slowly smooshes into the bath water releasing its sugary scent.
  • A real softy: Almond oil and cocoa butter work their softening magic on the skin.
  • Soothe operator: Chamomile is known for its soothing properties. Using powdered chamomile allows it to absorb the water.
MMM melts into a pink, fluffy waterbed of marshmallow and moisturizing cocoa butter to satisfy cravings for all things sweet and delicious. Each pink, cupcake-shaped bath melt is made with real marshmallow herb, which produces a sweet, skin-soothing mucilage and marigold, which is equally lovely and calming for your skin. Part bath melt and part Bath Bomb – it’s the fluffiest, pinkest bath melt we’ve ever created. Mixing it with the Bath Bomb mixture means that Melting Marshmallow Moment goes the distance. It fizzes and melts slowly, releasing the softening, skin soothing cocoa butter and almond oil into the water.

What do I say?

Extremely sweet and yummy smelling when I sniff this before adding to the water the scent is very reminiscent of Lush's Snow Fairy - which is a limited edition body wash usually released around Christmas every year.

I crumbled the whole lot into a tumb of running water (you would usually get around 2-3 uses from one melt for a standard bathtub, this one was close the expiry date so i decided to go all out). The sweet scent kind of begins to die down at this point and a silky foam of bubbles starts forming.
Once fully disolved the water has a light tint of pink and a suttle "Snow Fairy" scent with a thin layer of bubbles/foam. This was pretty much a let down for given Lush descibe this as the "fluffiest, pinkest bath melt they’ve ever created"... I'd like to see some more pink & definitly some more fluffy!

So once emersed is sweet smelling liquid I was instantly impressed but the super silky and smooth feeling of the water. The water definitly feels more softening and sootheing then normal. After a few minutes the smell teds to fade away and so do the bubbles.
After I got out I noticed my skin was a little softer & more moisturised - nothing too dramatic or amazing and there was no trace of scent left on my skin.
Overall MMM made for a nice little luxurious bath but it's definitly not my top recommendation or pick of Lush's bath products. Saying this I would probably buy it again if I felt like experiencing this particular scent when I can't access Snow Fairy.

MMM in action:

Speaking of bathing and bathtubs I've recently found some amazing pics on Pinterest of these out of this world bathrooms... They put my humble little tub to shame!

This got me thinking, if you could design your very own dream bathroom, what would you include and what would it look like?

My dream bathroom would look like this:

With a makeup area like this:

With storage like this:

And a view like this: 

Nothing too extragent right....?

Pictures all stolen from Pinterest, if you like them you should check out my boards :)

Comment below with your dream bathroom - oh and if you have a Pinterest leave the link in the comments below and I will go check out your Boards. I freaking love Pinterest.

Have a great week and don't forget to take a little time to yourself - whether it's a hot bath or just reading this blog..... hehe.
-Stacie x

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