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Friday, April 6, 2012

I dedicate this post to all those amazing beauty bloggers out there that manage to take such freaking amazing photograph's of themselves. 

Tonight I was sitting around in my pyjamas feeling quite sorry for myself - it's going on a WEEK now I've had this horrible virus and haven't managed to leave bed - I'm convinced it's some new strain of the bubonic plague.... 

Anyway so yes sitting in my pj's..... 

I thought I might feel a little better if I played with some makeup and found myself quite happy with what I put together so I whip out my camera to take some pics for the blog, after all that's what a real beauty blogger would do right?

Well it turns out I am ridiculously hopeless at photographing my own face, or posing for photographs of my own face and ended up with a bunch of hilarious and funny snaps. FAIL.

So now I have to ask HOW DO YOU DO IT? If there are any little tips or tricks, techniques etc please help a pretend beauty blogger out and comment below. If not i'm afraid you will be forever exposed to pics like these.....

Yes - they were all legitimate poses i thought might work out............ Except maybe the fishy lips!

I hope you either had a giggle or are at least feeling a lot better about your own photography skills.

Goodnight x

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