A very lushly christmas!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas in my house without the wonderful scents of Lush beaming out of our bathroom. The best products from Lush are always the holiday scents, so i go a bit crazy when December rolls around and i can once again buy the cheesy novelty bath products i've been missing all year.

Now i know Lush hauls are usually a bit useless, it's difficult for me to explain fragrances but i think it's important to share particular products that are out there because when you walk into Lush it can a little overwhelming with so much to pick from and heavenly scents coming from everywhere. I just have to add that if you haven't tried anything from Lush boy are you missing out, they are the best bath products on the market and i've tried a hell of a lot. Have a browse through this post and even the Lush website, pick something that appeals to you and give it a try....... i promise you won't be disappointed!

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