Summer Brights - Pink & Coral

Friday, October 22, 2010

Summer is finally just around the corner here in Australia (*YAY*). One of the things i am loving about summer 2010 is the comeback of bright bold lips. But not everyone has to confidence it takes to pull off a bright lip, when i first get a new bold colour i always wear it around the house for a few hours first - being sure to keep looking in the mirror etc. it really helps to get over the initial shock and builds confidence.

I have picked up a few tips and tricks over the years that i think might be helpful if your trying to pull off this look. I hope they are helpful!

1. Prep, prep, prep! I cannot stress how important it is to have soft, moisturised lips before applying your lipstick. The bright colours really accentuate any dryness chapping you might have. So try using a lip scrub first (i really love the sugar scrubs by Lush - they taste SO GOOD) then apply a good chapstick/lip conditioner. Be sure to let it sink in for a while first.

2. Line those babies. Try and find a lip liner that is very similar in colour or at least a nude. Line the outside of your lips and fill in the rest. This provides a great no smudge base for your colour and you won't get any bleeding. Guaranteed.

3. Definition is for old Ladies. Don't be too exact, you don't want to end up with harsh straight lines - use your lipstick straight from the tube, you'll get way better colour pay off this way. Then ever so slightly go around the perimeter with your pinky finger and smudge/tap out the border.

4. Make it last. If you don't want your colour wearing off halfway through the day apply a clear setting powder like MAC Prep & Prime powder over the top. You won't notice it there and it will extend the wear by atleast 6 hours.

5. Pucker up. An old Marilyn Monroe style trick - when your all done applying your lipstick pucker up and put your finger into your mouth, kiss and pull your finger out to remove and residue. This stops the lipstick getting on your teeth.

Here a few bright colour's I plan on rocking this summer.


Left to Right: MAC Saint Germaine, Catwalk Tokyo, Revlon Wild Orchid, Hourglass Cosmetics Fever and Rimmel Pink Gossip.

$AU 35.00

The most beautiful babyish cool toned pink. This colour is very wearable and can easily be toned down with a beige lipgloss and light application.

$AU 5.00

So cheap, so easy, so gorgeous!

Anywhere from $AU20-26.00

I am in love with this colour, one of the richest and most pigmented "drug store" lipsticks i have ever purchased. The perfect HOT DEEP pink.

$AU 45.00

So luxurious and the packaging is to die for! The formula is so rich, creamy and moisturising. I love Hourglass cosmetics even though their products are quite pricey. I adore this colour!

$AU 9.95

This is a very popular colour for summer. It tastes like strawberries and is great bang for your buck.

Hand swatches

Flash. In order of above appearance.

No Flash.

Pink Glosses

From Left to Right: Hourglass Cosmetics Extreme Sheen Lipgloss Origami, Dior Crystal Gloss Dior Addict, Revlon Pink Pop, Cover Girl Wet Slicks Raspberry Splash.

$AU 38.00

This lipgloss is great for summer because it is water resistant, i'm about to head off to Thai-Land so can't wait to test out it's durability in the hot humid weather on the beach. Watch this space.

$AU 45.00

Dior's first Gel based lipgloss. It doubles as a lipstain and the pinkness intensifies the more you apply. Gel lipglosses are great for summer and they don't leave you with the sticky feeling a lot of lipglosses do.

$AU 16.95

I f***ing love this whole range from Revlon. Buy this! Now!

$AU 10.95

Tastes really good and has a pretty, fine shimmer. I like these type of applicators for the beach, it stops sand from getting in your gloss.

Hand Swatches

With flash, in order of appearance as above.

Without flash.

Coral Lipsticks

From Left to Right: Revlon Melonade, MAC Jazzed - SE Into the Groove Collection, Revlon Coral, Yves Saint Laurent SE Rouge Volupte Pearl, MAC No 16 - SE Heatherette collection.

$AU 20-26.00

This shade is so pretty and flattering on just about everyone. A toned down bright lipstick.

$AU 35.00

There was so much hype surrounding this lipstick when it first come out, it is such a pretty light coraly-peach. It is a cremesheen formula by MAC which is THE BEST! It smells great feels great on. This is my go to colour of the summer. Wish i got a back up.

$AU 20-26.00

The brightest coral i've ever sheen. Strictly for when i'm feeling adventurous!

$AU 49.00

YSL's Rouge Volupte's are just heaven on the lips. This is a limited edition colour that was just released with the new season's line. A very light wash of peach with a beautiful, fine microshimmer.

$AU 35.00

I've had this colour for ages and am now just starting to appreciate it's beauty. A very wearable bold coral. Love it.

Hand Swatches

No flash. In order of above appearance.

With flash.

Coral glosses

From left to right: Chanel Genie, Revlon Coral Reef, MAC Splendid - SE Dame Edna Collection, MAC Strange Potion - SE Venomous Villains Collection.

$AU 50.00

The ultimate Chanel gloss. The texture of this is somewhere between a lipstick and a standard gloss. The colour pay off is pretty good for a gloss. Great for chapped lips.

$AU 16.95

Very pigmented! Like i said above about the pink version of the gloss, it is brilliant!

$AU 35.00

The right balance of shimmer and peachy goodness.

$AU 35.00

My newest purchase from MAC, i love to Evil Queen packaging and it is such a pretty pink coral colour. Wear over Jazzed lipstick.

Hand swatches.

No flash. From order of appearance above.

With flash.

What colour's will you be wearing this summer?


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