Just Landed - Revlon Just Bitten Lip stain + Balm

Monday, October 18, 2010

I have a massive weakness for anything to do with Vampires, so needless to say when i heard Revlon was releasing this new "Just Bitten" lip stain i was really excited. I really like all the vampy dark shades like Twilight and Forbidden and i've been on the look out for a true red lip stain for a while.

But once you get past the clever marketing it really is not a great product. I found the application of the stain really streaky and unpleasant, the balm isn't great either. Also they don't have any lighter options for those of us that aren't so daring.

Forbidden, Twilight, Gothic, Passion and Lust.

Swatches with Balm applied over the top - No Flash.

Forbidden, Twilight, Gothic, Passion and Lust.

Swatches with Flash.

Forbidden, Twilight, Gothic, Passion and Lust.

And finally six hours later after washing hands at least a dozen times.

The real stand-outs for me are Gothic (True Red) and Passion (Bright Pink), but it is so drying i honestly doubt i will ever reach for these again. So pretty much a waste of hard earned cash.... I must learn some self control!

Please let me know what your experiences where with this product and what you thought of it. Also let me know if you are interested in the 3 browny shades they are free to a good home :) 

Hope your weekend was full of happiness.


  1. Wow love all especially Twilight! Really wanna try these...Thanks for the swatches dear!!! They all are fabulous...!xx

  2. oops, never even going to think of buying them

  3. thank u so much for these swatches i finally found the right colors! thanks again!!


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