MAC Haul! Venomous Villains Collection Swatches

Monday, October 4, 2010

I went in for a look at MAC Paddington Pro store today because of the release of the new Venomous Villains Collection which i am SO EXCITED about! So i ended up buying a "couple" of things.

So this collection is split into four parts, each a Villain featured in the Disney films: Maleficent, The Evil Queen, Cruella De-Vil, and Dr. Facilier. I got a few things from each but wasn't feeling anything from the Dr F part of the collection. I have a real dislike for the MAC lipgelees, something about the application i'm just not into and  already had most of the pigments.

This is by far the prettiest collection MAC has released this year, so many different products for every kind of gal. I usually don't go overboard on the collections, it seems like they are bringing them out every other day... but this is Disney themed! 

I wasn't so impressed with the packaging, the shiny plastic looks a little cheap to be honest and i prefer the sketches on the outside cardboard packing to the catoony pics on the product. They look like stickers. But alas the products inside are gorgeous, that's what it's about right?

So here we go........... These are the items i thought was worth my money :)

Cruella - Cremesheen lipstick in Innocence Beware - Beautiful creamy blushing nude.

Cruella Beauty Powder in Her Own Devices - Soft brown natural flush.

Maleficent Beauty Powder in Briar Rose - Beautiful on Pale Skin.

Maleficent Lipglass in Revenge is Sweet - Sheer purple/magenta.

Evil Queen Lipglass in Strange Potion - This is the stand out item of the collection for me, a beautiful shimmery and wearable coral/peach.

Maleficent Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo in She Who Dares - Gorgeous.

Evil Queen Blush in Bite of an Apple - Snow White cheeks.

De-vil Eyeshaow in De-Vil - Rusty Brown, so complex and beautiful.
Evil Queen Eyeshadow in Vanglorious - Similar to woodwinked and antiqued.

Maleficent Nail Polish in Bad Fairy - Reminds me of Rubby Red Slippers. Yellow/Red Duo Chrome.

I had to back to MAC a few things so i got a lipstick in Speed dial (below) and Viva Glam II caught my eye for some reason, i've never really been interested before but it's so beautiful.

I really needed a couple of purple eyeshaows so i opted for Beautiful Iris & Parfait Amour. I've heard great things about these colours.

Mac CCB in Madly Magenta - I planned on using a little of this sheered out on the cheeks but it turns out a little redd-ish when blended so not sure if i'll end up using it much.

I also picked up another Tinted Lip Conditioner in Fuchsia Fix. Love these things.

So that's my haul... i know it's a lot but i've been passing on so many collection lately i thought i deserved a splurge. If i had to pick out just a few things from the collection i would call must-haves i'd say get Strange Potion Lipglass, Innocence Beware Lipstick, Briar Rose Beauty Powder and De-Vil eyeshadow.

What did you get?

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  1. The first MAC store in my country will open in December, so I just drooled at Venomous Villains, over the internet. Can't wait to see A tartan tale "live".


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