Eye Look: tarte Perfect & Treat 6-piece High Performance Collection

Friday, August 3, 2012

Step by step eye look using product's from tarte's 
Perfect & Treat 6-piece High Performance Collection

See my full review and details on where to buy here.

Step 1

Apply the plum berry shadow end of the duo directly onto the lid along the lash line.

Step 2

Use the warmth of your finger to blend back towards the crease.
(My suggestion: work quickly, one eye at a time as it seemed to set pretty quickly. I went over the lid a second time with the shadow pencil for a more pigmented finish. I also took it under the lower lash line and blended with my finger to make the look a tad more dramatic and "smokier").

Step 3

Line the upper lash line in plum brown using the liner end of the duo.

Step 4

(My suggestion: pull the liner out quite thick on the outer corner so you can see the stunning purple shade. The creamy texture of the liner means it snaps easily so press lightly).

Step 5

For a more defined look, line the inner rims of the upper and lower lash line as well.

Step 6

(My suggestions: take the liner onto the lower lash line in outer 1/3 of the eye. The liner is quite flaky as you can see in the pic below so be careful when applying to the waterline).

Step 7

Curl lashes.

(Check out Betty Girl Makeup's tutorial for an amazing mascara trick that curls lashes).

Step 8

Generously apply two coasts of mascara beginning at the base and moving the brush in zigzag motions through the lashes.

Finished eye look

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