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Friday, June 22, 2012

I remember the first time I walked into Lush store, it was in my last year of high school and they opened up a shop in my local mall. I walked in, had a look around at all the beautiful sweet smelling soaps and bath products, became instantly overwhelmed by choice and walked straight back out.

It took me another year to even think about entering again - so when I wash requested to a "Lush for Beginners" post I thought it was an amazing idea and thought I would chuck a bit extra in for us "Lush Pros" by dubbing it - THE LUSH AWARDS! 

So for those of you who like me, are feeling overwhelmed and need a little push in the right direction this is a guide to cut through all the mundane products and get straight to the good stuff - I've spent the last few years trying, testing and researching the best Lush has to offer so you don't have to!

Be sure to comment and let me know whether you agree or disagree with any of my picks, have I left anything out? What would be in your Lush awards? Also if this actually helps anyone at all let me know!

Keep reading to see what products made the list.....


Honey Lumps Bath Ballistic 
US$6.15 : AU$6.75 : UK£3.15 

Gentle and soothing, perfect for soaking sensitive skin. Smells like Lush's most popular soap Honey I Washed The Kids and contains amazing chunks of dried honey that ooze and dissolve into your bath water.

Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic 
US$6.45 : AU$6.75 : UK£3.15 

This thing is packed with jasmine which is a known aphrodisiac so hence the "sex bomb" name. This makes for a super milky and soft bath overwhelming with floral goodness. I love how the little rose seems to bloom when you pop it in the bath and your left with a beautiful flower floating on your bath water.

Dreamtime Bath Melt 
US$5.95 : AU$8.50 : UK£2.95

Like the name suggests this bath melt is best used at bed time. Soothing lavender, jasmine and chamomile make me feel instantly relaxed and sleepy. I go through at least 5 of these babies every winter. Dreamtime is also extremely moisturizing and full of cocoa butter, when you get out of the tub you will definitely feel like you could skip moisturizer, makes for the softest skin ever.


Creamy Candy Bubble Bar 
US$7.25 : AU$8.50UK£2.45

Although the smell is very strong this is actually a very gentle bubble bar and is great for sensitive skin, the smell is like crack - once you sniff you'll be addicted. The vanilla is super strong and sweet giving off a candy/lolly scent. Half bubble bar half bath melt the chunks of cocoa butter make for the perfect combination of gigantic fluffy bubbles and soft moisturizing bath water.

Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar 
US$6.95 : AU$7.50 UK£2.90

The Olive Branch scented bubble bar is so adorable it's hard to resist. Cut into 1/4's and pop a chunk into running water for pretty smelling bubbles. Perfect for cool bath's in the summer.

The Comforter Bubble Bar *TOP PICK* 
US$9.95 : AU$10.50UK£4.15

My favourite product from Lush hands down, my absolute go to when I've had a tough day and just want to feel spoiled and luxurious. You can probably cut this into 5-6 bits because they are HUGE but because I like to be indulgent I use half at a time for loads and loads of berry scented bright purple/pink water and thick luscious bubbles. The name is perfect because I instantly comforted every time I get a whiff.



The Godmother Soap 
US$5.95 : AU$6.50 : UK£2.95 (Prices are for 3.5oz or 100g)

Finally! Lush has listened to the hoards of Snow Fairy fans and made something Snow Fairy scented that is available all year round. I can't get enough of this smell. I have a big chunk of this by the sink so I can enjoy it every time I wash my hands, full of great and natural ingredients you really can't go wrong.

Honey I Washed The Kids Soap *TOP PICK* 
US$7.95 : AU$6.95UK£3.25 (Prices are for 3.5oz or 100g)

Honey and toffee scented this is Lush's best selling soap of all time. The smell is so unoffensive you can use it on the whole family, I buy it in huge and chunks and cut up into teeny one shower sized pieces for guests and myself of course. This was my first purchase from Lush and 4 years later I am still in love.

Rockstar Soap 
US$7.95 : AU$6.95 : UK£3.25 (Prices are for 3.5oz or 100g)

A very similar scent to Creamy Candy bubble bar it first caught my eye because of the barbie pink colour but has one my heart with it's sweet candy scent and super moisturizing lather. 
My only wish is that the scent lingered all day!

Flying Fox Shower Gel 
US$9.95 : AU$10.95UK£4.50 (Prices are for 3.3fl oz or 100g)

Not only is this a fantastic body wash but I love using it as a shampoo too. Packed full of essential oils the smell is very rejuvenating and is said to reduce PMT/PMS? I can't say I've ever noticed a difference there but I do love the jasmine, ylang ylang and parmarosa oil aromatherapy fragrance. It lathers up nicely.

It's Raining Men Shower Gel 
US$9.95 : AU$10.95UK£4.25 (Prices are for 3.3fl oz or 100g)

My go to product for shaving the lather is so thick and creamy and makes the razor glide over your skin. Ideal for dry, sensitive skin this is another honey based lush product. Intended to smell like Honey I Washed The Kids but I find it has a lot more floral. Very moisturizing for a body wash.


Bubblegum Lip Scrub 

Another snow fairy type of scent the taste is so good you'll want to eat the entire jar. I scoop a little out with my finger, scrub it (gently) on the lips, rub lips together then lick off the remaining product or remove with a warm face cloth. Apply a lip balm right after for the softest, smoothest lips you'll ever have.

Eau Roma Water Facial Toner 
US$8.95 : AU$7.95 : UK£3.75 (Prices are for 3.3fl oz or 100g)

Great for removing face makeup and a soothing gentle toner for sensitive or dry skin. If you find normal toners/astringents too harsh this will be perfect for you. Packed full of rose and lavender the smell is amazing and will leave your skin amazingly soft and supple. I also keep a little bottle on my desk at work and give myself a couple of spritz's when I need a little pick me up or my skin is feeling bothered by the AC.

Ocean Salt Cleanser 
US$19.95 : AU$20.95UK£6.75 (Prices are for 4.2oz or 120g)

First off, this is NOT for sensitive skin - if you have irritable or delicate skin this will just make things a whole lot worse for you. The big chunks of the salt and high acidity in the citrus oils make this fantastic for a deep exfoliation of oily and acne prone skin while the vodka and lime work its antibacterial magic on blackheads and pimples. The smell is a little strong for some but I love it, exactly like a Margarita!

Cupcake Fresh Face Mask *TOP PICK*

Another product for oily/acne prone skin but can definitely be used on more combo/sensitive. As the name suggest it smells like mint chocolate cupcake batter and you will be overwhelmed with the desire to have a taste - but trust me, it smells a whole lot better than it tastes! When first applied you will experience a little tingle, that's the mint doing it's job - I've found this is a great mask for the night before an event or when you just need a good skin day. Like all Lush Fresh Face Masks you have to keep this product in the fridge and pay careful attention to the expiration date, they are usually good for a few weeks. 

Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask 

A very gentle and deep cleansing face mask, this is a great choice for all skin types and was my first ever delve into Lush skincare. The calamine works on calming the skin and eradicating redness, leaving you with an even complexion. I'm usually reluctant to take this off because it smells SO GOOD - lot's of rose and blueberry. The little blobs of blueberry tend to dry and drop off so be careful not to get it all over the place.


Dream Cream Body Lotion *TOP PICK* 

Magic in a tub, oats, milk, rose, lavender and chamomile make even the most irritated of skin relieved and moisturized. Great if you have a skin condition like Eczema and Seborrheic Dermatitis and are bored of boring scentless lotions, this shouldn't irritate your skin any further and has even helped clear up those conditions on a lot of people. After a nice bath a slap tonnes of this on my ready for bed.

Smitten Hand Cream (Retro)
US$18.95 : AU$19.50 : UK£7.00

Smells like SNOWCAKE - my absolute favourite Lush scent that is only available at Christmas. Unfortunately this is now only available online. A nice hand cream but I would buy it anyway for the scent!


Aqua Mirabilis Body Butter

Ground almond shells affixed in a super moisturizing cocoa butter. Heat up under the shower water then massage over legs and under your arms before shaving for a super close shave that will last longer. Exfoliating without being too harsh a great option for body exfoliation if you have sensitive skin.

Buffy Body Butter

A lot more "abrasive" then it's sister Aqua Mirabilis I wouldn't recommend for sensitive or delicate skin. Great for helping smooth out any lumps and bumps on the bum, thighs and stomach the toning properties of Buffy works wonders on cellulite and promoting circulation. Also works great to remove skin irritation on the upper arms. Use on wet skin. I usually can get away with not applying a moisturiser after use.

Karma Solid Perfume

If want to try a fragrance from Lush and can't decide on which this has to be your first stop. Spicy with a bit of patchouli and plenty of citrus with pine and orange chucked in for good measure. I love wearing this scent all year round. Something about it just adapts so it feels appropriate for every occasion - citrusy and light in spring, warm and spicy in winter. I always have a little stick of the solid perfume in my purse.

BIG Shampoo

A good hair day in a tub - literally! The texture is very strange and it takes a couple of uses to become comfortable with dumping a bunch of salt rocks on your head, but use it once and you will never look back. Salt is a natural volumizer for the hair that actually works on expanding the strands giving you literally HUGE hair. It also removes ALL product residue giving you the most amazing clean of your life.
Smells like the sipping citrus cocktails by the sea!

What are your favourite products from Lush? 
Comment below x


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