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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thinking about this post made me realise how utterly impracticable and ridiculous I am. Point in case being I carry around this teeny makeup bag when I have approximately 700 spares at home that are all bigger then this, it doesn't even fit half the s**t I carry with me... I also have around 20 lip products and nothing else that I always find myself needing.... Like a concealer, eyeliner, full coverage powder for touch ups.

I really have no idea what's going on here but I will share it with  you anyway, you may get a kick out of seeing how we crazy people do things.

I'm very limited on time today (no lengthy lunch breaks for me.... boooo) so I won't go into much detail. It's pretty much irrelevant anyway.

Makeup bag - GWP - Chanel Holiday Smokey Eye Set

  • Hair ties – Must be METAL free and good quality, I have thick hair and lots of it. I need something with good staying power – no slip. This kind is pretty expensive (around $7 for 20) – you can pick them up from Priceline or Big W in Australia.

For skin touch ups:
  • Cheap little makeup applicator puffs - Don't use applicator puffs with the Mally like I do.. It gets fuzzies stuck all over your face and all up in the product. Be smart, use a sponge.

Too many lipsticks:

My lip staples that never leave my bag:

Never enough gloss:

Bits & pieces: 

In conclusion these are the items I will be KEEPING in my makeup bag after a much needed re-shuffle:

Hair ties, band aids, face defender, whichever MAC (or 3) lipstick I am feeling that day/moment, Tom Ford Blush Nude - this is my favourite lipstick and I always have to have it with me, 1000 years lip pencil, 1 of the 2 MAC Lip conditioners, Mini Chap Stick, whichever lipgloss (or 3) I am feeling that day/moment, 1 Hand cream & mini fragrance of my choosing.

If you would like to see swatches or individual product reviews on any of the products mentioned please comment below and let me know, I would be happy to oblige.

What's in your makeup bag? I hope your situation is a lot better then mine, ha.

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