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Saturday, November 20, 2010


--- 30/11/10 ---

I'm  very sad to report i've changed my mind on the Tom Ford Vanilla Suede and am now on team lollipop26! This lipstick was great on the first few applications but since then it's gone and strange and clumpy. Even the look of it has changed from a lovely nude to just a horrible streak of skin coloured shimmer.

I wish i could find the receipt so i could return them but unfortunately its gone missing :(

So now i'm stuck with a $80 lipstick that i'll never use again. Please girls don't make my mistake and waste your money on this lipstick!

I should also mention that the Blush Nude is still as amazing as the day i bought it and i've already used 1/4 of it (nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo). I 100% recommend this shade just not the Vanilla Suede.

I'm back from Thai-land and have been shopping like crazy so watch this space.............. xx


The waiting list for these 2 shades in Australia is a mile long, it took me three freaking months to get these....... can you believe it ?

Now i know there has been a lot of mixed reviews about these lipsticks which caused a bit of controversy but i really love them and the Blush Nude has now become my got to lipstick. To me the texture of the Blush Nude is quite different and the Vanilla Suede for some reason, it's a lot creamier.

I love the elegant packaging with the gold detailing and white paneling, i like when lipsticks have cases that don't show up smudgey fingerprints. It's also a nice weight and makes that music to my ears "clunk" sound when you put the lid on.

If i could describe these lipsticks in one work i would probably say comfortable. They just feel nice on the lips. The smell is amazing too, i believe it's supposed to be vanilla scented but it reminds me of Lindt Chocolate Truffles (Yum).

Oh and i should mention that they are very long wearing lipsticks, i find that i only have to reapply every 3-4 hours. Unlike the YSL Rouge Volupte which is pretty much instantly gone. I know $80 is a ridiculous amount to spend on one single 0.10oz lipstick and i wouldn't even really say it's "worth" it. There is a lot you can do with $80...... but if you are a brand whore and lipstick junkie like me you should definitely give them a try!

Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color in Blush Nude (Left) and Vanilla Suede (Right).
With Flash.

Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color in Blush Nude (Left) and Vanilla Suede (Right).

No Flash.

Swatches of Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color in Blush Nude (top) and Vanilla Suede (bottomt).

No Flash.

Swatches of Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color in Blush Nude (top) and Vanilla Suede (top).

With Flash.

I also picked up some more of my favourite powder the DiorSkin Nude i think my shade is 010 but i can't remember. I'm the lightest shade anyway.

It's a very light silky feeling powder that doesn't irritate my skin. The application is the same as any mineral foundation powder - dump a little of the powder in the lid, swirl the brush then apply to your skin in a circular motion. It can be used this way as a medium coverage foundation or dust a little over your normal liquid foundation as a setting powder.

And because i can't help myself and i have serious problems i picked up another 2 NARS blushers.

Sin (Left) and Cactus Flower (Right)


Sometimes i find pinkish or coral blushes can be a bit much on me with my pink toned pale skin it makes me feel too doll like or flushed, i've always wanted to try a plum toned blush but i was a little scared they would make me look "over done". I've heard a lot of great reviews on Sin so i decided to give it a try and i really love the finish, it only has a small amount of gold shimmer (not as blitzy as say Orgasm but not totally matte). Although be warned it must be applied with the lightest of hands on a small blusher brush.

Cactus Flower

This is my third NARS cream blush and i am really happy with it, it gives a very nice healthy glow to the skin and applies really nicely with my fingertips. Very creamy and blendable i think it would suit most skin tones.

Swatches - Sin (top) and Cactus Flower (bottom).

BTW while you're reading this i'm  probably sipping cocktails on a beach in Phuket! I drafted up a whole bunch of posts for my friend to upload while i'm on holiday! 

Look forward to some more holiday hauls when i return xx


  1. Wow, Cactus Flower looks amazing! Darn you for making me want these! lol

    Have an amazing time on holiday :)

  2. I just love Sin. And the Tom Ford lipsticks are great for this season's trend- nude lips.

  3. The shoe quality is really good :)


  5. hey! Amazing post. Need your advice: I am in need of a perfect nude lipstick. I have Hourglass Fable--and I love it. I am looking at YSL Rouge Pur couture in #6 as well. Which one do you prefer?

  6. omg! i love nude color lipsticks. i am so getting those tomorrow haha.

  7. omghhkp my 100th FOLLOWER :D :D :D :D :D :D

    That is amazing and thank you all so much for following my blog!!

    I really love the YSL RPC #6 but it's not very long lasting, the colour is really easy to wear though. Little Darling by NARS is a fantastic nude if you like Hourglass Fable.

    But i'd say try the YSL if you don't my paying the price tag and having to reapply every 45min xx

  8. oh and @shika. I must do an updated post as i have changed my mind on the Vanilla Suede and i now think its NOT WORTH BUYING!! It was ok the first 1-2 applications but has now gone strange and looks terrible, if you are going to buy a Tom Ford lipstick only get the blush nude!


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